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Music beats are in the forefront now, therefore driving many contemporary music rhythms like hip-hop, r&b, rap and pop music straight up the charts.


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Music Beats




As The World Turns

4:54 min 
Released Mar 29, 2011





3 min 
Released May 15, 2021




800 Block

3:35 min
Released May 15, 2021

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It may seem strange, but in today’s music beat maker world, vocals and lyrics are no longer the determining factor in a artists success. One of the most common questions is “What are my music rights after purchase?“  Another is what is BPM?”, Simply it is the music rhythm or the beats per minute. Another question is “What is beat in music”, beat is a basic part of the 3 main components. They other two main components are Harmony and melody. You could say that the beat is what makes you want to stomp your feet or clap your hands.

Music Rhythms

That Inspire

There are a number of different beat styles. Some common categories include east-coast beats, west-coast beats, club beats, and chopped and screwed beats. The type of music rhythm can determine whether it is classified as commercial or underground although many times there is crossover.

Finding the correct music rhythm types of instrumental beats like those found in successful hip-hop, r&b, and pop music songs can enhance your performance in a very noticeable way. This is why it is imperative for you, as an artist, to have the right music beats backing you up, in order to showcase your talent. Did you know that the todays top contemporary major artist and producers all buy instrumental beats from different sources? The benefit is that they can get the hottest and newest hip hop beats, and because they are from different people they get a great variety so that their sound is always new, fresh, current and cutting edge. offers the finest music beats available today.

Forgotton Dreams

Chill-out – 2011

800 Block

Chill-Out 2021


 Rave, Techno, Dance 2021


Club Banga 2010



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